How Heavy Are Spiders?

Spiders are a common household pest. They eat lots of food, mainly insects. Their body sizes vary depending on the species. Some species weigh only a few milligrams while others weigh hundreds of pounds.

There are a few species that can be called the heaviest in the world. These include the Goliath bird eater and the Camel spider. The Goliath bird eater is the world’s largest spider by mass. It can weigh as much as 6 ounces and is 12 inches long. It feeds on birds and other insects.

Another giant spider is the Cerbalus Aravaensis. This spider is venomous and can kill an adult within two hours. This spider is endemic to the Laotian caves.

The Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater Spider is another tarantula that is also a very big spider. The species primarily breeds in captivity, though it can be kept as a pet. The female tends to weigh more than the male. This spider lives in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. It is also known as a banana spider.

The Joro spider is another big and spooky insect. This spider can travel for miles through the wind. It can also be the smallest in the world. This species is a palm-sized spider with bright colors. It can also be a very scary house spider. The population of these spiders in Georgia exploded last year.

The tangle-web spider uses pre-stretched silk strands as pulleys. It then manipulates an insect into the center of the web.