How Big Do Huntsman Spiders Get?

Huntsman spiders are a large type of spider. They can be found in tropical countries. As you may know, they are venomous, and they can bite people. However, the bite is rarely deadly.

The average size of a huntsman spider is around an inch long. The largest huntsman spider has a leg span of 12 inches. In fact, some huntsman spiders can be so large that they are sometimes mistaken for tarantulas.

Huntsman spiders are very fast, and can move up to a yard in a second. They prefer to live in warm climates. Their diet consists of a variety of insects, tiny lizards, and geckos.

They live in crevices or under loose bark on trees. The males seek out females through pheromones. Once they find a suitable mate, the males insert their palps into the female’s epigynum. After the mating ritual, the males die. Meanwhile, the female stays with the young.

Females lay eggs in large egg sacs. These can be a golf ball sized size. Each egg sac holds up to 200 eggs. At first, the baby huntsman spiders are pale in color. Over the course of a few weeks, they will start to develop a distinctive colour.

Huntsman spiders can live for several years. They are social creatures. If they become afraid, they will try to run away. During the summer, however, they become more aggressive.

Huntsman spiders can be very venomous. They can cause swelling and nausea. However, the venom is designed to immobilize insects.