How Big Are the Spiders in New Zealand?

Spiders are an important part of the food chain. They are usually harmless to humans, although some species are venomous. New Zealand has many species of spiders. Some are nocturnal, meaning they stay in the shadows during the day. Other spiders are hunters, eating insects.

One of the most common spiders in New Zealand is the New Zealand spider. This arachnid was introduced from Australia in the 19th century. This species is mostly found in the bush. The body of the spider is black to grey, with a small white patch on the end of its tail. The legs are shiny and black.

There are two types of white-tailed spiders in New Zealand. They are Lampona cylindrata and Lampona murina. They are often found in leaf litter, compost, and other areas of soil. They were introduced to the country on ships and planes.

There are many types of jumping spiders in New Zealand. These are characterized by enlarged front legs and large protruding eyes. They are able to leap as far as half a meter. They have an extraordinary ability to spot prey. They can also estimate distances with the help of vibration.

Some New Zealand species are highly poisonous. The venom of the wolf spider is a bit more of a concern. It causes painful necrotic wounds. In some cases, it can cause priapism, a cardiac disturbance.

The Nelson Cave spider is the largest arachnid in New Zealand. The body of this species is 20mm long. This spider is venomous but it is not toxic to humans.