Do Spiders With Long Legs Bite You?

If you have ever seen a daddy long legs spider in your house, you have probably wondered if it is a dangerous arachnid or if it is just harmless. A number of people believe that the arachnid has fangs that can pierce human skin and inject venom. However, this is not true.

While the spider does have a strong venom, it is not as powerful as that of the black widow spider, which is considered the most deadly venomous spider in the world. And, while the bite is painful, it only lasts a few hours, and most recover in a day.

The daddy long legs is a type of pholcid arachnid. They are small, and their fangs are not as long as those of other spiders that can bite humans. But they are still venomous, and they can cause a mild burning sensation when they bite you.

The arachnid is found all over the world, from Africa to Asia. Its habitat is moist, dark places. When winter comes, the spider seeks warmth indoors.

The venom of the daddy long legs is not very strong. It is also not very toxic to insects, mice, or small animals. But it can be deadly to a human if the fangs are very long. In the case of a brown recluse spider, the fangs are strong enough to pierce the human skin.

The daddy long legs aren’t a dangerous arachnid, but they can be annoying in your home. To avoid them, seal cracks and holes in your walls, trim plants away from your home, and clean up any debris around your home.