Do Spiders Mate With Eyelashes?

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Arachnids are tiny parasites that live in the eyelids of humans. Although these tiny arachnids look like worms, they are actually relatives of spiders. They are microscopic, and burrow into follicles in the base of the eyelashes.

These mites aren’t usually harmful, but they can cause blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelids. Some people experience no symptoms, and other people have a very strong allergic reaction. To get rid of these arachnids, an ophthalmologist can dip the eyelash back into the follicle, or coax the mites to adhere.

Some people think that male spiders mate with human eyelashes, but it isn’t true. Spiders have a hard time finding and mating with a female of a different species. But if they want to, they can.

The best way to prevent an infestation is to clean your house. Spiders like dark, cluttered, and damp places. You can also repel them with cinnamon, tea tree, lavender, and citrus. And don’t close your windows during the day.

Arachnids don’t bite, but their sex can be harmful. In fact, some female spiders will even eat their own offspring. Moreover, their sex can result in torn-off genitals, plugged orifices, and psychedelic rituals.

When a male spider sees a female spider, he’ll approach her. The female spider will emit pheromones, which help the male to detect her. The female spider will then eat the male, which can result in the death of the male.