Do Spiders Have Stingers?

If you have ever seen a spider, you may have wondered whether or not they have stingers. Spiders do have a number of venomous stingers. But, these stingers are not the same as the stingers found in snakes.

Insect stings are common, but they can be dangerous. Venom injected by a spider can cause severe allergic reactions and infections. Depending on the species, you can also develop serious neurological issues. It is important to know what insect you were bitten by, so you can determine what treatment is most appropriate for you.

Most insect stings are uncomfortable and not medically significant. However, some insect stings, such as fire ants and wasps, can cause serious and life-threatening reactions.

Black widow spiders are among the most venomous insects. They are found throughout North America. Unlike brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders have only hollow fangs. Their venom contains neurotoxins and packs a powerful punch.

Brown recluse spiders are commonly found in the Southern and Midwestern states. These spiders have eight eyes and hollow fangs. Usually, they are around an inch long.

Some spiders can be found indoors. Common indoor species include cobweb and widow spiders. Cellar spiders are often called daddy-longlegs due to their long legs.

Crab spiders are sometimes found in homes and gardens. The name comes from their crab-like movements. Often, these spiders ambush insects on flowers or vegetation.

Crab spiders can sometimes be confused with brown recluse spiders. The difference is in the way they use their venom.

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