Can Spiders Crawl in Your Mouth While You Sleep?

It’s a very common myth that you can swallow a spider while you sleep. This urban legend is often spread through social media and email chains, but there’s no scientific proof to support the belief.

While it’s true that spiders can sense vibrations, it’s unlikely that they would end up in your mouth. They also tend to be shy creatures and don’t want to hang out with humans.

If you snore, it’s likely that you’re giving off vibrations that frighten spiders away. They use those vibrations to find prey, and a sleeping human isn’t one of their targets.

Besides the fact that you probably wouldn’t swallow a spider while you sleep, there’s no actual evidence that you can. The only way that a spider would linger in your mouth for a long time is if you swallowed an extremely large one.

In the worst case, you’d have to breathe a lot while you were asleep to cause the spider to fall out. Despite its phobias, spiders are very sensitive to movement.

There’s a reason that many people snore while they’re sleeping. That’s because it gives them a sense of danger. Spiders can’t escape from these vibrations, but they can be scared off.

To swallow a spider while you’re asleep, you’d need to be sleeping with your mouth wide open. Otherwise, the spider could crawl right over your face. And even if it did make it that far, there’s a good chance it’d snore its way out.