Are Spiders Good Pets?

Many people wonder whether spiders make good pets. They are hardy, inexpensive, and easy to care for. However, they don’t offer the emotional bond you might expect from an animal. Keeping a pet spider is not recommended for those allergic to spiders or arachnophobic.

Unlike cats and dogs, spiders do not require much maintenance. Their care consists of keeping them in a clean environment and giving them enough room to hide. Spiders are also not very active.

One of the most popular pet spiders is the tarantula. Tarantulas are easy to care for and can be kept in small containers. If you choose to keep a tarantula as a pet, keep in mind that they need plenty of water. In addition, they have barbs that can irritate the skin. You should also ensure that the substrate soil is sterile and that there are no other plants in the terrarium that can injure your pet spider.

Jumping spiders are another popular choice. These small, fast creatures can be quite interesting to watch. However, they do need to be provided with ample space to jump. Several species are surprisingly friendly.

Some people are surprised at the popularity of pet spiders. But they can be a great companion for children. As they grow, they can be proud of their new addition.

Spiders are also popular for their low maintenance. It’s easy to give a tarantula fresh water and feed them. A 5-gallon aquarium is perfect for most spiders. Smaller spiders can be kept in jars and plastic bowls with air holes.