Will Silverfish Crawl on You?

A silverfish infestation can be a serious problem. They can cause damage to your furniture, wallpaper, clothing and building materials. But, they are not dangerous to humans and don’t carry any diseases. Silverfish are nocturnal and live in damp environments.

They are attracted to sugary foods and moist areas. To help get rid of them, use sticky insect traps. You can also spray diatomaceous earth in areas where your walls meet your floor. It’s available at most home improvement stores.

Silverfish tend to hide during the day, but they will come out at night to feed. They usually live in closets, bathrooms, and basements.

The best way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to keep your bedroom clean. Clean bedding will cut down on food sources for these insects. If you have a heavy silverfish population, vacuuming your bedding regularly will help.

Keeping your bed at a constant temperature is another way to prevent silverfish. You should also run fans in the bedroom.

The silverfish have a narrow, pointed back end. Their antennas are long and can be flourished. However, they are not known to crawl into ears.

Silverfish can be a nuisance and are able to eat almost anything. Typically, they will eat food scraps, paper products, and starchy materials. They will damage leatherwear and synthetic fibers.

Female silverfish are very sensitive to moisture. Therefore, they lay eggs in the moist areas around your house. These eggs can be hard to remove once they are laid.