Why Silverfish Are Bad For Your Health

A silverfish infestation can be a nightmare. They are not only a nuisance, but they can also be a danger to your health. Some people can develop allergic reactions to silverfish byproducts.

If you suspect a silverfish infestation, you should act as soon as possible. The most effective way to kill silverfish is by vacuuming them out. Silverfish prefer dark, moist, and secluded areas.

They are also attracted to damp and unorganized piles of old items. To keep silverfish out, put old books, magazines, and newspapers in airtight containers. Keeping important documents in hard plastic sleeves is another tip.

Although silverfish can be dangerous, they are not known to bite. In fact, the only real danger is to those who have allergies.

In the wild, silverfish eat dead insects and decaying plant materials. Because they are nocturnal, they can be difficult to spot. That is why a silverfish infestation is a good indication that there may be a water damage issue.

While silverfish aren’t known to be harmful to people, their excrement can cause stains and odors. It can also trigger allergy symptoms, including an itchy throat, cough, and mucus buildup.

You can avoid a silverfish infestation by cleaning your home thoroughly and avoiding clutter. Avoid storing books in boxes. Instead, use a binder to hold baseball cards and other printed material.

If you’re using insecticides to prevent silverfish, you should follow the product instructions. Keep chemicals out of areas where children or pets may be present.