Why Do Silverfish Come?

If you want to know why do silverfish come, you have to understand their biology. They are nocturnal creatures. Their habitat is wet and humid. Unlike a mosquito or a bee, they are immune to most bug poisons.

These tiny pests are usually found in houses that are cluttered. They are especially attracted to moist and dark places. Typically, they live in basements, attics, bathrooms, and closets.

If you see an unusual amount of these bugs in your home, it is time to take action. Silverfish can cause significant damage to your house and can even trigger allergies.

These critters can eat almost anything, including paper, clothing, and books. They can also damage leather and fine textiles. When they bite, they leave yellow stains on the material.

The best way to get rid of silverfish is to keep your house clean. However, if you’ve got an infestation, you should be prepared to invest in some sturdy airtight containers.

Silverfish tend to nest in wet and dark areas. Ideally, they prefer dark basements and attics. In these places, they will hide during the day and gather in the evening.

You can prevent a silverfish infestation by eliminating sources of food. Generally, these creepy crawlies like starch-rich ingredients. Some of their favorite foods include cereal, flour, and sugar.

To get rid of silverfish, you can spray essential oils. The oils are non-toxic for humans, but they do repel them. Additionally, you can try reducing humidity in your home by installing a dehumidifier.

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