Why Do I Have Silverfish All of a Sudden?

If you have silverfish in your house, it can be a problem. It can cause your belongings to become damaged, or even ruin family photographs. These insects can be a pain to deal with. But there are things you can do to eliminate them.

First, you need to know why they are in your home. They tend to seek moist and dark areas. In addition, they tend to be attracted to cellulose and starches.

Second, you need to consider how they got in your home. Silverfish can enter your home through cracks, gaps, and moisture damage. You also need to consider how you can prevent silverfish from entering your home.

Third, you need to treat your surfaces. This can include removing moisture and cleaning your floors.

Fourth, you can apply essential oils around your house. These oils are known to repel silverfish, but they can also be applied to cotton swabs and sprayed on your walls.

Finally, you should clean up all the areas where you are prone to catching silverfish. Doing so will help you avoid an infestation.

If you have a basement, chances are that you have a silverfish infestation. This is because the bugs tend to seek moisture. That moisture can create a lot of trouble, such as wood rot.

If you have a basement, you may be surprised by the number of silverfish you find. However, they are usually only noticeable at night.

While it is important to keep your home clean, you should be aware that silverfish can be found nearly anywhere. If you find them, you should be sure to follow a good pest control plan.