Where Does the Silverfish Originate?

Silverfish are nocturnal insects that live in damp places. They are a true pest insect, but they do not bite.

These small insects have a shiny appearance, and they are often found in areas that have high humidity. They are also attracted to moist, dark spaces.

They are commonly found in homes, and they can cause property damage. They can chew holes in clothing, and they can eat through paper, books, and wallpaper.

They are generally seen at night, and when they’re disturbed they move quickly to new hiding spots. Sometimes they will make their way into the house, especially if there’s a lot of moisture.

Silverfish have a long, curved antenna, and they have three bristles on their rear end. Their nymphs are usually creamy white. They are about 30 mm in length, and they have a jingling, fish-like movement.

Silverfish are most common in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the basement. They are also attracted to cardboard boxes. If you’re worried that silverfish are living inside your home, you can use a sticky trap to capture the insects. Sticky traps are made of cardboard base and a thin layer of glue that attracts the insects.

The best way to keep silverfish away is to prevent them from entering your home. It’s important to seal up gaps around windows, pipes, and other points where they can enter. Also, use a dehumidifier to dry out humid places.

You can also put up a barrier that blocks the insect’s entry. Some people use diatomaceous earth, a natural thermal insulator.

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