Where Does Silverfish Splash in World of Warcraft?

Silverfish are a small mob with a metallic body and a long antennae. They are a pest, but they are not harmful to humans. These creatures are generally attracted to damp, dark, and humid environments.

Silverfish are most active during the night. Their sting is fairly weak. When hit, they will call out other silverfish in the area.

Silverfish are also known for damaging paper. They are not dangerous to human beings, but they do not provide much xp or drop anything.

Silverfish spawn in Strongholds and End Portal rooms. They spawn from broken infested stone blocks and from infested cobblestone. Depending on light level, they can spawn in any stone type.

Silverfish do not infest stairs, slabs, or mossy cobblestone. This makes them a nuisance when mining.

However, they are a threat in Survival Mode. A swarm of these bugs can be a real threat. If you are attacked by dozens, you are in serious trouble.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to kill them. You can spread borax beneath baseboards, appliances, and other areas where they are likely to hide. While this does not eliminate them completely, it will kill them.

Another good method for killing silverfish is enchanting a weapon. The Bane of Arthropods enchantment will increase the damage they take. Also, you can make a Splash potion that provokes nearby silverfish.

Alternatively, you can use Silk Touch enchantment to prevent them from spawning. Although this does not help, it will at least keep them from spawning at all.