Where Do Silverfish Come From?

Silverfish can be a nuisance to your home. They can cause damage to clothing, books, and other materials. Some people are allergic to silverfish and must have them exterminated.

Silverfish tend to live in moist, dark, and secluded places. The ideal breeding and feeding areas are damp basements, attics, and bathrooms. You can avoid severe infestations by preventing silverfish from getting in your home.

If you are in a cooler climate, you will likely have less problems with silverfish. Those in warmer areas need to have their infestations exterminated more often.

You can prevent silverfish from coming into your home by denying them food. Any unused or dry foods should be kept in airtight containers. Storebought traps are an easy way to get rid of silverfish. However, keep the traps away from children and pets to prevent them from catching the pests.

Silverfish can also get in your home if you have any gaps or cracks in your foundation. It is also possible to find them in your attic or pantry.

Silverfish love paper, glue, and starchy foods. When they are infested, they can chew holes in clothing and cause serious harm to books and other materials.

If you have any suspicions that you have a silverfish infestation, contact your local pest control service. A professional can evaluate the extent of your silverfish problem and offer advice on how to treat it.

Typically, silverfish are not harmful to humans. Their life cycle takes about two years.

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