Where Are Silverfish Found?

Silverfish are nocturnal insects. They are often found in moist and dark places. It is important to identify the areas where they are living and eliminate them. The presence of silverfish can indicate a moisture problem in your home.

Silverfish love starchy foods. You can find them chewing on old papers and magazines. If you want to prevent silverfish from eating your papers, make sure you store them in airtight bins. This is especially true if you keep your papers in a basement or attic.

Silverfish are often spotted in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. These pests are usually attracted to damp, dark, and warm places. Their eggs are laid in dark, moist areas.

They are not poisonous, but they can cause serious damage if they contaminate your food. In fact, they can cause allergies in some people.

Because silverfish need moisture to survive, they can get into homes through cracks in the floor or through water leaks. They will leave behind yellow stains on your clothes and wallpaper.

When they are living in your home, they will eat your clothing, paper, books, and linens. They will also chew into your photographs.

They are most active during the night. Therefore, they are more likely to invade your house at night.

If you notice a silverfish infestation, you should remove anything it has eaten and wash it in hot water. Make sure to turn your lights on.

Getting rid of the infestation can be tough. If you need help, you can always call a local pest control company.

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