When Do Silverfish Reproduce?

Silverfish are nocturnal insects that prefer to live in moist, dark and warm environments. They are often found in basements and closets. Their preferred food is dried or starchy items. But they will also eat wood and human foods.

Silverfish are scavengers, which means they hunt for their prey at night. In their natural habitats, they tend to live in moist areas, such as forests, swamps and lakes. However, in the home, they are common in kitchens, bathrooms, closets and storage areas.

They can grow up to eight years, but most live for two to three years. The length of their life is dependent on their environment and the number of molts they undergo. Some species go through as many as 50 molts.

Adult silverfish have a metallic glow to their bodies and can run very fast. They are generally solitary creatures, and can outrun predators such as spiders.

Although they don’t bite, they can damage fabrics, paper goods, wallpaper and books. They are also known to eat cellulose, starchy carbs, and sugar.

Silverfish can reproduce at a very high rate. A single female silverfish may lay as many as 100 eggs in her lifetime. When she lays, she will place the eggs in food, in cloth or in crevices. This is because her body is sensitive to moisture.

Females lay their eggs in clusters of two to twenty. The eggs hatch in 19 to 60 days. The hatching time varies depending on the temperature.