What Size Elastic For Silverfish?

When it comes to catching silverfish, it is important to know what size elastic to use. Using the wrong type of elastic can ruin your fishing day. You should use an elastic that has a soft initial force, so that fish don’t bump off.

There are two main types of elastic: solid and hollow. Hollow elastic is much softer and stretchier than solid. It’s also more durable and suitable for mixed fish. But it’s a bit less effective than solid elastic for small silverfish.

Another option is to double up elastic. This is when a length of solid elastic is folded over the top of a longer length of solid elastic. The result is an elastic that is more powerful and more flexible. A good choice if you’re angling a mixed bag of fish near snags.

If you’re a serious angler, it’s worth investing in a few extra pairs of elastic. They are handy for smaller fish, such as skimmers and carp.

For larger silverfish, you’ll need something stronger. The best sizes are those between 6 and 9. That way, you can get a decent stretch while minimizing losses.

Solid elastic is a popular choice for natural water anglers. It’s also a great choice for pleasure fishing. Typically, it’s rated between no8 and no20, and is about two times heavier than the no8 elastic.

Hollow elastic is also a great choice for silverfish. In fact, it’s perfect for carp, barbel, and mixed fish. It’s a little less durable than the solid variety, but it’s a better quality.