What Kills and Repels Silverfish?

Silverfish can be a huge problem. They feed on debris and other materials in your home, such as old wallpaper and family photos. Depending on the type of infestation, silverfish can cause damage to your home. If you want to get rid of them, you’ll need to seal off entry points.

Silverfish can be easily eliminated with store-bought traps. However, you should be careful when using them. Store-bought traps should not be deployed in areas where you have children or pets.

You can also use essential oils to repel silverfish. Essential oils such as cedar oil and cinnamon will discourage silverfish from entering your home. You can sprinkle these around your clothes and wardrobes or spray them on the silverfish.

Boric acid is a great natural insecticide. It can be used to spray into cracks and crevices. But boric acid is toxic if it is ingested. Children and pets should not drink the solution.

Boric acid can be mixed with water to create a diluted solution. This can be sprayed into holes and crevices and is particularly effective in the basement.

Bay leaves are another natural repellent. You can crush these into a powder and place them in silverfish-infested areas. These leaves contain essential oils.

There are plenty of other ways to rid your home of silverfish. The first thing to do is to find out what is attracting them. Silverfish prefer to live in damp environments. For example, your basement may be damp because of a leaky pipe.

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