What is a Silverfish and How to Get Rid of It

Silverfish are small, fish-like insects that are found in many places in the world. They are considered pests and a nuisance. Their feeding habits can ruin your clothes, wallpaper, books, and tapestries.

Silverfish are generally nocturnal animals that prefer moist and dark areas. In fact, they are the oldest insect species on Earth.

These creatures can live for several years without food. During their lifetime, they will go through a number of molts.

Unlike other insects, silverfish have no wings. However, they can outrun many predators, including centipedes. A good way to get rid of them is by sealing cracks in your home.

Some types of silverfish can be repelled by sticky traps. The traps use a cardboard base and a thin layer of glue. Ideally, they contain a pesticide to prevent the insects from suffering.

Silverfish also feed on starches in fabrics and paper. They are not venomous, but they can cause damage. If you see holes in your clothing, there might be a silverfish infestation.

If you have any kind of glue or wallpaper paste, it can be damaged by silverfish. You can also get them out of your kitchen by scrubbing it clean. Using dehumidifiers can help dry the area out.

Silverfish can be hard to get rid of. They can survive for months without food, water, or even sunlight. This makes them difficult to remove from your home.

It’s also important to remember that silverfish can contaminate foods. Since they are not venomous, you cannot get rid of them completely.