What Does it Mean When You Dream Silverfish?

Dreaming of silverfish is not something we usually associate with bad luck. In fact, it’s an omen that could signal a time to reflect on the past and unearth hidden issues. However, the meaning of this dream varies from person to person, depending on your own personality.

For instance, if you dream of having a silverfish insect in your dreams, it indicates that you need to make a conscious decision about a situation. It may be a hint of needing to get out of a rut, to focus on your professional life, or to make a change in your relationship.

Another interpretation of a dream of a silverfish insect is a need to be cautious with your words. This can also be a sign of abstinence, or a need for affection.

Besides being a nocturnal insect, the silverfish is a strong omen. Its coloration is similar to that of the moon. Because of this, silverfish is often a symbol of knowledge, secrets, and the moon.

If you’ve dreamed of a silverfish, you may be experiencing a great deal of trouble. You’ll want to examine your emotions to discover whether or not there’s a deeper issue.

If you dream of whitebait, however, it could mean good luck. It could be a sign of recovery from illness, or it could be a sign of jail time. On the other hand, it could mean that you’ll be pursuing wealth in a dangerous way.