What Are Silverfish Insects?

Silverfish are insects with fish-like movements, but they are not harmful to humans. They tend to live in damp, dark places and are attracted to starches. However, they can cause great damage to our property.

These bugs can enter your home through holes in the foundation or through damaged screens. You can reduce their population by sealing the gaps around your house. Also, make sure to repair any leaky pipes.

Female silverfish can lay clusters of 2 to 20 eggs daily. They hatch within three weeks. As they become adults, they develop a metallic shine.

To control silverfish, you can use insecticides, natural remedies, and sticky traps. But you should be careful to read the labels of all products you use. Depending on the species, they may produce allergens.

You can prevent infestations by cleaning food and other crumbs from areas where you have a silverfish infestation. Alternatively, you can place bait in areas where you suspect silverfish.

When you are unable to eliminate a silverfish infestation yourself, you can hire a professional. Licensed pest control professionals can help you identify the location of silverfish and provide effective treatments.

Silverfish are considered a nuisance pest. Although they do not spread diseases, they can cause great damage to your property. This type of bug has a silver color, and its wingless body has six legs. It is also flat-bodied, so it can hide in a variety of places.

Silverfish prefer to feed on sugar and carbohydrates. They are particularly attracted to damp clothing and paper. If you notice a silverfish infestation, you can try dehumidifiers to dry out the humidity.

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