What Are Silverfish and Are They Harmful?

Silverfish are bugs with a striking appearance. They have three long appendages on the rear of their bodies. These can be curved or straight. Their antennas can be flourished.

Silverfish are commonly found in the United States. Their preferred habitat is warm, moist areas. A silverfish infestation can be unpleasant and costly.

The best way to prevent an infestation is to keep your home dry. Using dehumidifiers and increasing ventilation are ways to do this. Also, repair any leaks and cracks. Sealing up damp pipes and gutters can also help.

Silverfish are usually attracted to paper products and other items that are moist. They can easily hide under clutter and other materials.

One of the most common places for an infestation to occur is in a basement. However, they can be found almost anywhere in the house. If you notice these insects, you will want to act fast.

Although silverfish are not poisonous, they can cause damage to items in your home. They may ruin clothing, books, and photos. Besides, the scales on their bodies can trigger allergies in some people.

Because silverfish have an appetite for so many different foods, they can be a serious problem to deal with. When an infestation occurs, you will be left with stains and small holes in your fabric.

Silverfish are also attracted to cardboard and glue. Older glues are made with animal byproducts and contain high levels of animal protein. Today’s glues are based on modern chemistry.