How to Prevent Silverfish From Entering Your Home

When you’re dealing with silverfish infestations, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from entering your home. In order to do this, you will need to eliminate conditions that attract them. This includes eliminating sources of food.

Silverfish tend to live in moist environments. If you can’t control your humidity, you may want to consider using a dehumidifier.

You can also use boric acid, which is available as a household cleaner. Boric acid is a naturally occurring insecticide. However, it can be dangerous for people and pets. It’s best not to use it in your house if you have small children.

Aside from boric acid, you can also try using a mix of lemon juice and water. You can spray the mixture aggressively on infested areas.

Another thing you can do is to spray essential oils, such as lavender, on walls and floors. Lavender is known to repel silverfish. Orange is also effective.

Another way to reduce the risk of silverfish infestation is to keep all food sources away from the house. Storing cereals and grains in airtight containers will help. Also, avoid stacking papers on the floor.

Silverfish infestations are often difficult to deal with. If you have a serious problem, you may want to contact a professional pest management company. They will work with you and your landlord to get rid of the silverfish in your home.

Silverfish can become very damaging to your belongings. You should also be aware that the pests can survive for up to a year without eating.

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