How to Prevent a Silverfish Infestation

A silverfish infestation is not something you want to have. Not only do they damage your possessions, but they can also affect your health. They are nocturnal and live in moist, secluded places. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or at least reduce the number of these critters.

The best way to start is to identify the problem. Silverfish are attracted to many things including dust, paper, and moisture. This makes them especially easy to identify. You can try to cover up cracks and crevices to discourage them from entering.

It may be a good idea to hire an expert to help you with this task. An exterminator will be able to find the root of the problem and get rid of it. Besides, they have more experience.

Using sticky traps is a good way to keep silverfish away. Make sure to choose traps with a pesticide in the glue. These can be very effective at controlling small populations.

In addition, be careful with your landscaping. Leaf piles are great places for silverfish. They are moist at the bottom and can create shade. Also, make sure you don’t put up too much foliage around your house. Leaves can easily attract moisture pests.

The best way to avoid a silverfish infestation is to maintain the correct humidity levels in your home. If you do have moisture problems, you can use a dehumidifier.

Another great way to avoid a silverfish infestation is by covering up leaking pipes. Although this method is a bit more difficult, it can eliminate the hordes of these creatures.

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