How to Keep Silverfish Out of Your Home

Silverfish are a common household pest. They feed on various items such as paper, glue, and food scraps. During the winter, these insects seek out warm, dark, and moist places to hide.

The silverfish’s standard lifespan is around three years. This means they have plenty of time to feast on your home’s contents.

Fortunately, silverfish are not dangerous. However, they can damage your clothes and papers. If you are having problems with silverfish infestations, it may be time to contact a professional pest control company.

For example, you can use sticky traps to get rid of these critters. These are available in most hardware stores. Sticky traps can be placed in any area where silverfish activity is suspected. You should check them out after a few days to see if they have worked.

Another good way to keep silverfish out of your house is to seal off all entry points. This includes leaking pipes, shake roofs, and windows. Sealing these areas with caulk will prevent these pests from entering your home.

Similarly, you should keep your belongings stored in airtight containers. It is best to store important documents away from the basement.

Having a dehumidifier can help prevent silverfish from invading your home. A dehumidifier will help to regulate the humidity in your home, and it is an excellent pest control tool.

If you do not have a dehumidifier in your home, consider buying one. These machines can help control the moisture in your home, and can also be used to kill silverfish.