How to Keep Silverfish As Pets

Silverfish are not harmful to people, but they can be destructive to your home. They are wingless insects that can live in dark, moist areas. They feed on paper, wood, grains, and food scraps.

Unlike roaches, silverfish are not poisonous and are harmless to pets. However, they can cause damage to items in your home, such as books, old papers, and clothing.

If you want to prevent a silverfish infestation, the best way is to maintain a clean and dry home. Seal leaky pipes, and increase ventilation. Dehumidifiers can also help.

Silverfish can be found in damp basements and utility closets. Some other places that you might see them are in wallpaper, books, and cardboard boxes. They are attracted to high-starch foods such as grain and dried goods.

If you’re worried about your pet, you can get a pet-friendly dehumidifier. These can help keep humidity levels around 30 to 50%.

If you don’t want to buy a dehumidifier, you can place bags of spices under the sink, around the house, or in the kitchen. Spices can deter silverfish, and the scent will keep your home smelling fresh.

Another way to discourage silverfish is to purchase sticky traps and place them around the perimeter of your home. You can also buy sticky tape. Sticky traps are inexpensive and effective.

You can also spray Boric acid directly into infected areas. Boric acid is known to be dangerous to humans, but it can be made into diluted solution to kill silverfish and other pests.

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