How to Get Rid of Silverfish From Your House

Typically, silverfish do not climb vertically, but they can jump up to two feet. However, silverfish do not have wings, so they do not fly. Nonetheless, they are good climbers and they can be found everywhere in your home.

Silverfish are commonly found in damp or dark areas of your house. They also thrive in moist places like a sink or bathtub. In fact, they are more commonly found in bathrooms and basements.

They can get into your house through cracks, window frames, doors and utility pipes. If you do not catch them right away, they will hide under clutter and move on to the next location. Hence, it is not a bad idea to clean the area.

Silverfish can also chew through paper and glue. Their diet consists of carbohydrates and proteins. Glues, such as those used for bookbinding, are an ideal food source for these creatures. Similarly, they are attracted to damp cloths.

Silverfish can be caught using sticky traps and newspaper. You can place these traps in corners and under beds. Also, you can use bread or other sticky items to capture these pests.

In addition, you can spray boric acid in the cracks in the kitchen or bathroom. However, be sure not to spray it near food or pets.

Other strategies include putting cedar shavings around your house. These items make a great repellent and can be replaced on a weekly basis. It is also a good idea to place cinnamon sachets under your bed. Cinnamon is a natural repellent. But it is not as strong as cedar.