How to Get Rid of Silverfish From Your Home

Silverfish are small, silver-colored insects that are commonly found in indoor environments. They are generally nocturnal, and prefer humid, dark locations.

While silverfish do not bite, they can damage household items like fine textiles and leather. If you suspect a silverfish infestation, you should treat your home with an effective pest control plan.

To get rid of a silverfish infestation, you need to start by reducing the moisture in the area. Dehumidifiers are effective in this regard.

Another step to take is to eliminate water sources. Sealing the perimeter of your house and landscaping can help keep water away from your home. You can also use plastic sheeting to create a barrier around your dirt crawl space.

When you’re attempting to clear out an infested room, make sure to remove any furniture and other items that have been harboring silverfish. This will reduce the amount of shelter and food they have.

The best way to prevent silverfish is to ensure that you store items in airtight containers. These are especially important for papers that are kept in your attic or basement.

Sealing the perimeter of your home with caulk can help protect your walls. It can also prevent the laying of silverfish eggs.

Silverfish may find their way into your home through holes in the foundation or through moist areas of your walls. Silverfish can also drop from skylights.

Use traps and sticky traps to catch silverfish. You can also try homemade traps. Pitfall-style traps are an effective method.

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