How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish are insects that are flat oval shaped. They have metallic brown scales and two antennae.

The adults are usually around three quarters of an inch long. Although they don’t bite, they can sting or cause allergies in people.

Female silverfish lay eggs in the cracks around your home. Their eggs hatch within three weeks. In a couple of weeks, the young silverfish look exactly like the adults.

Silverfish are attracted to damp and dark places. You can keep them from invading your home by cleaning frequently. Also, you can install a dehumidifier.

Another effective way to get rid of silverfish is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth on your floor and walls. Diatomaceous earth contains ground up fossils. It can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Sprinkle it where the wall meets the floor and you can also use it along the baseboards.

Silverfish can cause significant damage to your belongings. They may damage wallpaper, book covers, clothes, and carpets. If they contaminate your food, they can spread germs.

Silverfish will not bite humans or pets. However, they can irritate your stomach. This is why you should check your food for bugs.

Using insecticides is not a good idea. Check the label for warnings, and avoid areas where chemicals can contaminate water or your food.

Another natural method to get rid of silverfish is by using essential oils. Some essential oils are non-toxic to humans, and spraying them in areas where you expect to see silverfish can help.

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