How to Get an Exterminator For Silverfish

When you’re dealing with a silverfish infestation, you’ll need to find a way to get rid of it. There are several methods to help you do this.

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove all silverfish from your home. If you do not have access to a professional, you can trap them. Masking tape works well. This will keep them from escaping.

Another way to kill silverfish is by spraying them with a pesticide. Most exterminators recommend using pyrethrins, though this can be hazardous to pets and children.

If you do not like the idea of chemicals in your home, you can use natural silverfish repellents. Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic substance that absorbs fats from the insect’s cuticle. It works on contact, so only sprinkle it around the areas where you see silverfish.

Another method is to seal off your basement or attic. This is especially important if you have papers in these places. You can also insulate your pipes to reduce condensation.

Keeping your house clean and organized is another great way to prevent an infestation. If you have old papers or other items, you should consider dumping them and storing them in airtight bins.

Silverfish love to live in dark, moist, secluded areas. They’re not as bold as cockroaches, but they do make an appearance at night.

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your home for signs of an infestation. If you’re seeing holes or other signs of an infestation, you should call a professional.

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