How Often Do Silverfish Reproduce?

Silverfish are nocturnal insects, but they can reproduce anytime of year. They prefer moist, dark, and humid environments.

Unlike many other insect species, silverfish are able to reproduce without the use of fertilization. The females lay eggs on cloth, paper, or other materials. These are elliptical in shape and measure one millimetre in length.

Female silverfish usually lay about one to three eggs a day. This varies depending on the weather. If it is hot and dry, it can take up to eight months for the eggs to hatch.

During the first stage of reproduction, nymphs are paler than the adult versions. In the next phase, they develop into adults. However, the nymphs continue to molt throughout their lifetime.

Generally, a silverfish will lay about one hundred eggs in its lifetime. However, some types of silverfish can molt up to fifty times.

Most of these nymphs are about one millimetre in size and are lighter in color than the adults. After maturing, the nymph will develop a metallic shine.

Female silverfish will lay their eggs in crevices, cracks, and other hard to reach places. The eggs are laid in groups of two to twenty. It will take about 19 to 60 days for them to hatch.

Adult silverfish live for two to eight years. Silverfish are not poisonous. However, they can damage clothes, books, and other property. When infestations get too severe, they can be difficult to control.

Because silverfish reproduction is so quick, the number of nymphs in a colony can quickly increase. A silverfish nymph’s lifespan can range from a few weeks to a year.

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