How Much Health Does a Silverfish Have?

A silverfish is a small insect that looks like a worm. It is normally white or brown in color. The silverfish is often found in damp and dark areas.

Silverfish are generally shy insects that tend to avoid human contact. They are nocturnal and are very solitary creatures. However, the silverfish can cause damage to a home if it has an infestation.

Unlike other household pests, silverfish do not bite. However, they can contaminate foods and other household items.

Depending on the food source, silverfish can live from two to three years. During their life, the female silverfish will lay eggs that hatch in about 19 to 43 days. These eggs are deposited one to three at a time.

When a female silverfish reaches adulthood, she starts laying eggs all the time. During her lifetime, she will lay up to 100 eggs.

The female silverfish can survive a year without food. She also needs high humidity and moisture to survive.

As an adult, the silverfish can survive for several weeks without water. If it becomes infested, it can cause structural damage to a building.

If you have a silverfish infestation, the first step is to vacuum and dust your house. This will help to remove the pests. Also, you can use plastic sheeting to cover the attic.

Since silverfish have weak jaws, they do not pierce human skin. Their bites are not painful, but can cause an upset stomach.

Because of their habit of laying eggs in ear canals, some people mistakenly believe that earwigs are the same as silverfish. While they are not harmful to humans, they can irritate the ears of those who are allergic.