How Many Silverfish Species Are There?

Silverfish are cosmopolitan insects that are primarily found in moist, humid areas in the home and outside. They are also common in bathrooms and kitchens.

Although silverfish can be hard to find and difficult to catch, they are usually not dangerous. Unlike other household pests, they rarely bite humans. If they do bite, they can leave a light scrape on your skin.

The silverfish is a flat, fish-like insect with a metallic finish. It has three long appendages with bristles on the rear end of its body. There are several species, including the common silverfish and the firebrat.

Like many insects, the silverfish is a nocturnal animal. When they are not molting, they are mainly found in damp, dark places. Their body is covered with tiny, glistening scales.

Silverfish are typically found in the United States and Canada. In homes, they are commonly found in the basement, attic, and bathroom. While they prefer wood and starchy materials, they will eat other things too. They are known to chew through cardboard, paper, and fabric.

Silverfish are considered a domestic pest, and they can be a nuisance in a commercial setting. However, they do not transmit any diseases. Some species of silverfish are considered harmful, and they can destroy tapestries, wallpaper, and other items.

The earliest fossil records of silverfish date back to 140 million years. Some species can live for up to four years without feeding. They are considered to be one of the oldest species on Earth.