How Long Can Silverfish Live Without Food?

The silverfish is one of the simplest insects to live. It is a nocturnal creature. They are small, wingless and have a long antenna. Their lifespan is approximately eight years. In order to survive, they need water and food.

Silverfish are often found in bathrooms, and the moisture they need for life is abundant. If you can find a way to trap them, they can be eliminated from your home.

Silverfish can be a nuisance, but they are not dangerous to humans. However, they can damage your clothes, books and other valuable possessions.

Silverfish are attracted to moist, dark, and secluded areas. In fact, they are attracted to the humidity in the bathroom. You can prevent them from invading your home by sealing cracks and holes.

Silverfish prefer to eat carbohydrates, such as starch, protein, and sugar. They also consume carbohydrates produced by decaying plant materials. But there are some unusual sources of sustenance for them.

One of the most unconventional food sources for them is paper. Silverfish will eat paper, but it does not offer them as much as sugar or carby foods.

Aside from being an uncommon food source, paper also serves as a shelter for them. They also like to eat anything that has a moisture content.

Silverfish have the ability to move up to two feet. When they feel danger is nearby, they run for cover. This means that they can easily get trapped in a sink or bathtub.