How High Can Silverfish Jump?

Silverfish are a common household pest. They are small, silvery insects that are often confused with cockroaches. Despite their appearance, they do not bite or spread diseases. In fact, they prefer to eat dead insects and paper products. However, their presence can cause significant damage to your home.

Most silverfish live outdoors. They are nocturnal creatures. If you have silverfish in your home, they may be hiding inside your clothes, books, or even your linen piles. When lights are on, they can scurry away quickly.

The silverfish have five appendages on their abdomen. These appendages include antennae, a pair of claws, and a tail. Their bodies are also scaly, almost opaque.

Silverfish can live for up to six years. During their lifetime, they shed their exoskeleton fifty to sixty times. Because they lack wings, they cannot fly.

A silverfish’s normal diet consists of a variety of foods. It commonly eats flour, glue, and oats. They may also eat other silverfish.

Silverfish are also known to scrape against fabric, wallpaper, and books. They are also attracted to human hair, which is why they sometimes crawl on dandruff sufferers’ heads.

Adult silverfish can live for as long as a year without eating. In order to survive, they must run fast. This helps them avoid predators.

Females lay eggs in crevices. The eggs resemble adult silverfish when they are hatched. The eggs take about 19 to 32 days to hatch. Some females may lay up to 60 eggs at once.