How Fast Do Silverfish Breed?

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that are generally shy and reclusive. However, they have a strong sense of self-preservation. They will live a long life, up to eight years, and can reproduce many times over.

Silverfish breed in a three-phase process. In the first phase, a female will lay eggs in a crevice. The resulting eggs are deposited either singly or in small groups.

A male will release a spermatophore, or a sperm sac, which will fertilize the female’s eggs. These eggs will hatch when the temperature rises.

During the development process, the nymph silverfish will go through several molts. They will eventually become a full adult, with a shiny metallic coating.

Adults are about 3/4 inch in length and have three long tail projections. They are generally flattened from top to bottom, although they may have a few curved segments.

Females can lay a few dozen eggs in a lifetime. Some species may go through more than 50 molts.

When it comes to food, silverfish prefer carbohydrates. They also eat plant materials, grass, and leaves.

Although silverfish have a voracious appetite, they do not spread disease or bacteria. They have been around for hundreds of millions of years.

As for the mating ritual, silverfish have a complex dance. While the male tries to catch the female, she lays her eggs. Both species have compound eyes that are sensitive to light.

The eggs of both species are approximately a half-inch long. When they first hatch, they are a whitish color.