How Do Silverfish Stay on Clothes?

Silverfish are flat-bodied insects that have short legs. They are generally harmless to human beings, but they can cause allergic reactions.

Often, silverfish are able to hide underneath clothes or in other areas. The simplest way to eliminate them is to clean your clothing regularly. This will remove the food and other debris that the silverfish find and eat. Keeping your clothing clean will also prevent the silverfish from laying eggs.

You should also consider storing your clothing in airtight containers, such as plastic bags. Plastic is especially vulnerable to silverfish infestations. If you are storing items for long periods of time, you may want to store them in wood, rather than in plastic.

While the silverfish can contaminate foods and fabrics, they are not harmful to humans. They are a nocturnal pest that prefers damp, dark, and cluttered spaces.

To keep your home free of silverfish, you should follow a weekly cleaning routine. Include vacuuming, dusting, and washing bed linens and other articles of clothing.

You can get rid of silverfish by drying clothes at high temperatures and using a laundry detergent that kills silverfish. Use a detergent that is suitable for your clothing type, and be sure to wash your garments in the highest temperature that is safe for your clothing.

It is also possible to use natural insecticides to kill the silverfish on contact. These insecticides are safe for children and are effective against the silverfish.

In addition to these methods, it is important to move your laundry frequently. Silverfish often lay eggs in damp laundry baskets, so it is best to remove them from the area.