How Do Silverfish Ruin Clothes?

If you see small irregular holes in your clothes, chances are that you are dealing with silverfish. These nocturnal insects are often found in dark, damp areas. They prefer to lay their eggs in crevices and cracks.

Silverfish are also commonly found in kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, and around water and heating pipes. They eat cellulose, glues, and starch. They are part of a group called Lepisma.

They are one-centimeter-long creatures that live for about four years. Unlike other insects, they can’t survive in freezing temperatures. Their damage to clothing is similar to clothes moth damage. The gnawing of the insect’s body can leave yellow stains on the clothes.

Silverfish prefer to eat natural fibers. Their diet includes starch, sugar, protein, and other substances. When they find food on the fabric, they will suck it out.

To keep your clothes free from silverfish, make sure that you clean them properly. It is best to wash your clothing with a special detergent designed for fabric.

Also, you should ensure that you store your clothing in sealed containers. You can do this by putting it in plastic storage bags. This will prevent the critters from breeding in your clothes.

You can also try using a repellent made with cedar. You can buy these at a local gardening store. Cedar has essential oils that ward off insects. However, be careful to avoid using mothballs since they can be toxic to humans and pets.