How Do Silverfish Packs Work?

There are a number of ways to get rid of silverfish. Some people opt for pest control products, but you can also try some at-home remedies.

One of the most effective natural silverfish treatments is diatomaceous earth. You can sprinkle this around where silverfish have been spotted. Diatomaceous earth is made from tiny fossils, and it pierces the insect’s body. Once it penetrates, it shuts down its life cycle. It kills silverfish within 48 hours.

Another effective silverfish treatment is boric acid powder. Boric acid is a naturally occurring substance, and it works well against silverfish. To kill silverfish, you can sprinkle it in areas where you’ve seen them, or where they have dropped their droppings.

A simple way to keep your home clean is to eliminate clutter and remove external food sources. If you store your dry foods in airtight containers, you’ll keep them from becoming a food source for silverfish.

Silverfish are usually found in damp, dark places, such as basements, bookcases, and closets. They love paper, glue, cardboard, and organic materials, so if you are storing these types of things, you’ll need to take steps to prevent an infestation.

Another good way to get rid of silverfish is to make sure you have airflow in your home. Use dehumidifiers if there is a lot of moisture. Keep your floors and furniture clean and free of dust.

Lastly, you can use insecticide sprays. These can be purchased from local home centers and online. Just make sure you don’t use the sprays on delicate items.