How Cold to Kill Silverfish

Silverfish are known to cause untold damage in winter. They are cold-blooded and will seek out moist and damp environments. As such, they are most prone to infestation in damp basements, closets, and utility rooms.

The first line of defense against silverfish is a dehumidifier. This device will help maintain humidity levels at 30 to 50%.

Aside from controlling the humidity level, another way to control silverfish is to seal up the entry points of your home. This will prevent them from gaining access. Sealants, caulking, and other types of sealant can be used to keep silverfish out.

Some people also choose to use a freezer as a method to kill silverfish. This can be a successful option in some situations. If you are unable to install a freezer, you can use an air conditioning unit.

You can also set up sticky traps to catch silverfish. Sticky traps can be made by covering a glass jar with masking tape. Tape should be placed on the surface of the jar so that the silverfish cannot climb out.

Another method is to dunk a roll of paper in water. The newspaper will become damp and attract silverfish. However, you should be careful not to crush the paper. This can leave behind a yellow stain.

If you are still having trouble ridding your home of silverfish, consider contacting your landlord. They can schedule a treatment in all units simultaneously.

Although the primary weapon against silverfish is a dehumidifier, you can also use a freezer or poisoned bait. While these methods take time to work, they can effectively kill the insects.