How Can Silverfish Get Inside You?

Silverfish are not dangerous to humans. They are not venomous and are not known to carry diseases. However, they do damage property and can cause allergies in certain individuals. Using a dehumidifier in a room with high humidity can help to control their activity.

These insects have been around for about 400 million years. They are nocturnal, and they only come out at night. Their appearance is alarming.

Unlike other insects, they do not bite, but they can still cause irritation. Symptoms vary from mild to severe. If symptoms persist, call a pest control professional.

In order to reduce the number of silverfish, make sure that you store your food in airtight containers. Also, keep your clothing in a clean and dry place. Store your books and other valuable items in a safe location.

Silverfish feed on all kinds of foods, including sugary and starchy substances. They do not tend to eat blood, but they do eat other body parts.

They usually live in humid conditions and are most active at night. They can be found in residences, attics, basements, and other areas with a lot of moisture.

Silverfish are attracted to sugary, starchy, and protein-rich foods. They also like to eat glue. You may see stains on your wallpaper and books.

Although silverfish do not carry any diseases, they can be a nuisance. When you see signs of their presence, it is important to take action to prevent a silverfish infestation.