Does Borax Kill Silverfish?

Silverfish are wingless, nocturnal creatures that are found in houses. They feed on dry food, clothing, and other materials. These insects can be quite destructive. It’s also possible to see them in sewers and city water pipes. However, they are not known to carry diseases.

There are several silverfish control solutions available. Some of them are natural, while others involve poison. Among the options are borax and sugar. Boric acid is a common substance used in pest control. The solution is applied into cracks and crevices.

Another option is to mix borax with white sugar. This solution can be sprayed into areas where silverfish are frequently found. You can also use it as a crevice spray. If you do not want to apply the solution directly to the area, you can also use it as a paste.

Boric acid is also used in a bait to kill silverfish. The substance can be purchased at hardware stores and pharmacies. However, it is not recommended for households with children. Children may ingest it, resulting in vomiting or other health problems.

Other silverfish control alternatives include using table salt. This works by dehydrating the insects.

Another effective alternative is diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth contains shards of diatoms. These are toxic to insect larvae. Therefore, it is more effective than borax.

When using borax or other pesticides, wear protective gloves. In addition, make sure that you clean up the areas after you are done.

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