Do Silverfish Live in Drains?

The answer to the question, “Do silverfish live in drains?” is a resounding “No”. Silverfish prefer to be in dark, humid and warm areas, and they are highly attracted to moisture.

However, if you do notice a small infestation, there are some tips that you can use to get rid of silverfish. First, make sure that your home is free of excess moisture. If you can’t eliminate the moisture, consider installing a dehumidifier.

Another way to keep silverfish away is to reduce the amount of clutter in your house. A clutter-free environment means less opportunity for silverfish to find a home. Also, caulk any cracks around your home, such as windows and door trim, to prevent them from getting in.

You may also try using a silverfish trap. This is simply a sticky tape trap that you can place inside your drain. Once the silverfish crawl into the trap, they will die. Afterwards, you should dispose of the trap.

If you’re having a silverfish problem, it’s best to contact a pest control company, such as Fantastic Services, to remove the infestation. Luckily, silverfish are not dangerous to humans, and they don’t carry diseases or pathogens that can cause sickness. They are more of a nuisance than a threat, however.

In the bathroom, you can help prevent a silverfish infestation by wiping down the bathtub after each shower. You can also make sure that the gutters are clean.

When you do notice a silverfish infestation, the first step is to identify the source. These insects usually find their way into your house through your pipes.

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