Do Silverfish Have a Purpose?

Silverfish are not venomous, but they can cause damage to household items. They are also very secretive insects. That’s why they often go unnoticed when they’re leaving hiding places.

They tend to live in moist areas. Their food is mainly starch-rich materials. This includes paper, books, and dried goods.

Although they have no wings, silverfish have a pointy abdomen and antennae that help them navigate dark spaces. When they move, they are very fast. The speed keeps them from being harmed by predators.

Silverfish are found in damp and dark places, such as basements, bathrooms, and sinks. They can be very destructive, causing yellow stains on clothing and ruining family photos. If you suspect you have an infestation, there are several methods for getting rid of them.

The quickest and most effective method for removing silverfish is to vacuum. The tiny insects can’t survive on smooth vertical surfaces.

Using a dehumidifier can also help. Dehumidifiers lower the humidity, which is a crucial factor for silverfish.

Besides moisture, silverfish also need protein and sugars. Luckily, they don’t carry diseases or pathogens.

Because they’re so secretive, it’s a good idea to check all your storage areas for signs of silverfish. Store items in plastic containers. Also, use plastic sheeting on your attic.

You can also trap silverfish with newspapers. Roll them up and place them where they are likely to be. Place an elastic band around the roll’s ends. Once the silverfish enter the rolled up newspaper, they’ll be trapped.