Do Cedar Balls Work For Silverfish?

If you’ve been battling silverfish, then you may have noticed that cedar balls are a useful tool in the fight against these pests. However, you may wonder if the balls are actually effective in preventing the pests from invading your home.

While it’s true that they do work, they aren’t necessarily the most effective. There are several other more effective methods for battling silverfish.

One of the best ways to keep silverfish out of your house is to remove standing water. You should also take steps to seal up any holes or gaps that may provide them with access to your home.

To do this, place damp newspaper in a container and roll it under a running tap. This will keep the paper moist and thereby deter the pests.

Another good option is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your home. It’s a well-known insect repellent that works on many different types of pests. The best places to scatter it are the insides of corners and along baseboards.

When it comes to preventing silverfish, it’s also a good idea to vacuum regularly. Not only will you be removing debris, but you’ll be getting rid of crumbs and other food sources that can attract them.

In addition, you should store your dried foods in airtight containers. Silverfish are attracted to carbohydrate-rich ingredients like flour and cereal.

Another important silverfish-fighting tip is to keep humidity levels at least 30 percent. This is because silverfish are attracted to the moisture in your home.