Are Silverfish in Ohio Invasive?

If you’re wondering are silverfish in Ohio, then you’re not alone. These invasive insects are hardy enough to survive in our humid climate, though they can cause some damage to your property.

The most important thing to know about silverfish is that they aren’t harmful to humans. However, they can damage your belongings and wallpaper. They can also cause a number of allergens, which can be irritating.

Silverfish are small, about half an inch long, and are a shimmery gray to blue color. They have a flattened body and three long bristles on their hind end.

They are nocturnal, meaning that they are most likely to be seen at night. They live in damp places in natural environments, but can also be found indoors.

They feed on a variety of things, including dried foods, protein, and starch-like materials. They can also be found eating adhesive-backed items, like paper and cardboard boxes.

You may find that your house is a breeding ground for silverfish, especially if you have a humid or wet basement. To prevent this, you should consider placing your clothes in a dry place.

A dehumidifier can also help. However, if you live in a high-humidity environment, then your best bet is to hire a professional pest control service to get rid of your silverfish problem.

Getting rid of silverfish may be easier said than done. This is because silverfish tend to live in moist environments. For example, they like to reside in damp basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.