What Size Is Rat Poop?

Rat poop varies in size, depending on the species. It can range from half an inch long to a quarter of an inch thick. It is often dark brown, with a slight curve on the ends. The most common shape is the sausage shape, but there are some exceptions. The droppings may also be pill-shaped.

There are several different types of rat droppings, but the majority of them are about three-quarters of an inch long. The shape is similar to that of mouse droppings, but rat droppings tend to be bigger, being cylindrical and more prominent. Unlike mice droppings, rat droppings are a contrasting brown.

Rat droppings can be larger or smaller than mouse droppings, but they are always larger than mouse poop. For instance, mouse droppings are about the size of a grain of rice, while rat droppings are about twice as large. If you see multiple droppings in one location, you can rule out an immature rat.

Rat and possum poop can be easy to identify. Rat feces are dark pellets about the size of an olive. Rats often defecate near insulation and other objects. You can tell if a rat has been inside your home by looking at its poop. You can also take a picture of it to help you identify it.