Can Rats Tell When You're Sad?

Can Rats Tell When You’re Sad?

You may have asked yourself, “Can rats tell when you’re sad?” Maybe you have tried introducing a new rat to your home and observed it for a while. It seems logical to ask whether this would be beneficial. However, introducing a new rat to an existing one is not an ideal solution. Rats can be aggressive and bully one another, which can lead to a depressed state. The best solution is to make the remaining rat feel loved and cared for until it passes away.

Although rats are known to be resilient creatures, older ones may find it more difficult to bounce back from emotional knocks. They may even begin to barberate their fur and look unkempt. It is important to seek out help when your rat is showing signs of grief. It may be a sign that you need to seek counseling or find another rat to share the burden of sadness with.

Another sign that your rat is depressed is restlessness. They might even sleep most of the day. They may also bite more than normal. Their appetite may be lowered, as well. If you’ve recently lost a rat, there’s a good chance it’s depressed, so it’s a good idea to make sure they’re happy before you dispose of the body.

Scientists have also used forced swim tests to determine if a rodent is depressed. This test has been used for decades to test new antidepressants and is widely used in research. It is based on the fact that depressed rodents tend to give up more quickly than happy ones, and it has helped guide the development of antidepressants and other treatments.