Can Rats Open Wheelie Bins?

You may have wondered whether rats can open wheelie bins. While this is not the case, it is possible that rats could enter your bin if it is over-flooded or has a loose lid. Rats are attracted to food, so they will attack places where they can find food. As such, they might try to chew through your wheelie bin.

You can avoid rats from opening wheelie bins by choosing the proper bin lid. Using a secure lid will prevent rats from getting in and improve their chances of moving on. Also, choosing a cool spot can help reduce odour development. Some people have reported seeing dead rats in their wheelie bins.

Rats need water, food and a place to hide. If you have a bin full of food, you may be inviting rats and gulls. Rats are attracted to food spills and can also suck rubbish out of bins. This can make it difficult to get rid of unwanted guests, so you should avoid dumping food near your bins.

Rats can also get into your bin by opening it if you do not seal food inside the bin. You can also keep food out of reach of rats by placing plastic bags inside it. You should also keep your bin clean by cleaning it regularly with hot water and disinfectant. Adding new trash bags every day is another way to deter rats.